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This painting is focused on a renaissance style sculpture of Medusa by Harriet Hosmer; one of America’s most distinguished female sculptors of the 19th Century, who managed to thrive against the odds in a male dominated field. 


Medusa is often considered an antagonistic figure in Greek mythology, when in actual fact, her tale tells the story of a beautiful woman who was led into temptation.


She was seduced by the god Poseidon and the fate of this encounter was far from fair.  As a result of breaking her vow of celibacy, the goddess Athena punished Medusa and cursed her by transforming her hair into a writhing nest of snakes. 


The title of the artwork, along with the addition of modern cat-eyed sunglasses suggest a more light-hearted side to the infamous Gorgon.  Many elements of this artwork have been inspired by strong women throughout history. From the artist who sculpted it and the Anne Boleyn style choker, to the association of Medusa used as a symbol in 1970's female literature.

Promise I'll Be Nice-Medusa

  • TITLE: Promise I'll be Nice-Medusa

    SIZE: 100cm x 100cm

    MEDIUM: Oil paint on canvas

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