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This painting is inspired by the sculpture ‘Beatrice Cenci’ created by 19th Century female artist Harriet Hosmer in 1857.  This painting expresses the loneliness or isolation that can often be felt in modern society due to the rise in reliance on technology to communicate, entertain and distract.


The mobile phone grasped in the subject's hand has been strategically placed to create a tableau that many people are likely to relate to. The scene comments on how growing dependence on technological devices, initially intended to connect us, can often have a disparate effect; discouraging companionship and taking us further away from reality.  Advances in technology and decrease in true community ensure that the world can be a very lonely place. 

Midnight Matchmaking

  • TITLE: Midnight Matchmaking

    SIZE: 100cm x 70cm

    MEDIUM: Oil paint on canvas

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