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‘Lacoon & His Sons’, is a representation of mankind. Pixelated areas have been added over the eyes, the mouth and the ears of the three men depicted to echo the Japanese pictorial maxim ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’.


The combination of the censored areas alongside the title of the painting suggests that we can be ignorant and oblivious to many situations.  The sculpture itself represents human life and how it can be mercilessly struck with torment and suffering at any time. 


The artist intends the viewer to consider the idiom 'ignorance is bliss' and to question whether or not we benefit from remaining unaware of the reality of what is really occuring in the world, as the truth of situations may be too brutal and mentally challenging for us to process.

Ignorance Is Bliss-Lacoon & His Sons

  • TITLE: Ignorance Is Bliss-Lacoon & His Sons

    SIZE: 120cm x 120cm

    MEDIUM: Oil paint on canvas

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