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This sculpture of the Roman goddess Ceres was part of the Grand Hall Fountain in Florence, sculpted by Bartolomeo Ammannati in 1555. 


Censorship is something controlled by governments and online gatekeepers which is beyond ordinary citizens control. It appears to many as if though the list of restricted or taboo topics is growing daily. 


Censorship is expressed in many different ways: hiding nudity, removing important information, controlling advertisments and propaganda and even what we see on our social media feeds. It can be used to manipulate society, keep certain topics of conversations forbidden or to drive people with opposing views further apart.  This painting asks the viewer to challenge what they perceive as safe censorship and what they consider censorship taken too far. 

Censored Ceres

  • TITLE: Censored Ceres

    SIZE: 80cm x 115cm

    MEDIUM: Oil paint on canvas

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