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'Alina' is part of the 'Teneres Flores' series by Calypso Bené.


‘Teneres Flores’ centres around the depiction of female nudity as art, as opposed to a sexually explicit statement. The artist invites the viewer to reassess perceptions of female nudity and how it is subject to scrutiny within society. In this series of paintings, the artist uses a carefully selected colour palette and impressionistic brushstrokes in an expressive- bordering on chaotic- manner to reflect the complex nature of the subject.


The ambiguity of the floral motifs act as a dual metaphor- the flowers appear as tight, almost spiky buds reminiscent of arrowheads pinning down socialised expectations of femininity, instead of soft blooms which indicate the nurturing of feminine energy.


Other interpretations can also be explored, such as the concept of Cupid’s arrow piercing through modern socially constructed ideologies to bring an abundance of love and acceptance.

Alina (Original)

  • TITLE: Alina

    SIZE: 100cm x 100cm

    MEDIUM: Acrylic, oil paint and chalk

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